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Publié : 5 janvier 2012

présentation de l’assistante 2011-2012 : Kari

Her name is Kari. She is twenty-two. She was born on May the twentieth nineteen eighty-nine in Minnesota. She lives in Iowa. She has got one brother and one sister. Her brother’s name is David. He is twenty-nine. Her sister’s name is Brit. She is twenty-seven.
Kari lived in New-York for four years for her studies. She studied History, English and French. She is not married but she has got a boyfriend. She hasn’t got a pet. Her favourite colour is green. She loves playing frisbee and soccer. She loves singing, shopping, riding horses, History, video games, fruit, chocolate and cheese burgers but she hates playing tennis. She loves rock, Michael Jackson, Paris and horses.
Carine GUEROUT, Emma JULIEN , Adrien SERVAT, Marine FERRET 5D

Our new assistant, called Kari Belsheim, is 22 years old. Her birthday is on 20th May 1989. She is American. She is from New York but she now lives in Paris. She is slim. She has got long dark straight hair. She had a cat but it’s dead and she would like to have an owl and a horse.
She likes eating macaroni and cheese. She likes reading and she likes video games but she is bad.
She speaks French and Japanese.
She has got one brother and one sister. Her favourite colour is green and her favourite movie is "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and she loves the Simpsons and Gossip Girls. She likes snowboarding.
Her favourite actor is Heath Ledger who plays the Joker in Batman. Her favourite band is Led Zeppelin.
We think she is friendly, intelligent and funny.
Esther LEBON, Sari BILAL, Chloé PEZRON, Mathilde YEN 4C

On Tuesday, an assistant came to our class. Her name is Kari Belsheim and she is 22 years old. She is American, and she comes from Iowa, but lives in Paris for her studies. When kari was in New York University she studied History, English and French. She loves this language and she speaks it quite well because it’s difficult. She came to France to improve her French and to learn teaching. The assistant speaks Japanese a little. But before, she spoke it quite well, and she loves Japanese food. When there was the tragedy in Japan, she was worried because she has friends there.
She has got a brother called David and he is 29, and a sister called Brit, she is 27. She loves pets but she hasn’t got one because her cat is dead.
She likes playing frisbee, reading and writing. She can sing, she learns hip-hop but she’s not very good at it and she practices tap dancing.
Her favourite actor is Heath Ledger and her favourite actress is Kate Winslet. She likes French music, for example Daft Punk and she likes dancing on David Guetta music but she dislikes Japanese music. She doesn’t like Justin Bieber or Robert Pattinson. She likes Led Zeppelin. Her favourite colour is green. She loves crêpes. She is keen on every characters of Star Wars. She loves South Park and Harry Potter : This is our assistant.
Pauline GLEIZES, Judith HAGER, Anne MULOT, Camille RICHARD 3A/B LV2