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Publié : 14 janvier 2014


A teaching assistant has come to our school and in our class. She’s a woman called Rachel Hardy. She was born in Manchester in 1992, she’s 21 and her birthday is the 28th May.
Rachel lives in France, she comes from England, Manchester to be precise.
She has got two older sisters, and one younger brother. She speaks French very well, and other languages too, such as Spanish and English.
She has been to Spain, Belgium, Finland, Greece, and of course France and England. But it’s too bad because she was in France during the Olympic Games which were in her country, in London.
Rachel told us that during her spare time she dances, because classical music is her cup of tea and she goes out with her friends, but she never plays video games, because she can’t stand it !
In France, Rachel loves macaroons ! But she misses shopping, because she prefers doing shopping in England, there are more shops. She’s fond of make-up and Sephora.
Rachel thinks French people are so quiet and sophisticated. After asking her why British people drink beer, she told us "I prefer wine to beer !" and she doesn’t know the answer to our question.
When she was a young girl, she was crazy about English litterature ! Rachel loves reading books by Shakespeare, and Jodi Ricoult. She likes American films very much as well. When she is in France, she doesn’t watch TV, because she hasn’t got a television, but when she has one with her, she watches in French all the time, and she likes a lot of films, like James Bond !!!!
I forgot the most important, Rachel’s favourite colour is yellow !

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